Brassmob is a brass band from Montreal, Quebec. We play high-energy brass music that is great for dancing. Our music is influenced by the bands of New Orleans, the Balkans and beyond.
We spread the power and soul of this music, bringing joy to the streets and communities of our city and wherever else we go. We play clubs, community centers, parades, weddings, parties, and busy street corners. We’ve also played festivals, such as Nuits d’Afrique in Montréal and Festivoix in Trois-Rivières. We’ve held residencies at Montreal’s Quai des Brumes and  L’Escalier. Over the years, we’ve collaborated with the likes of virtuoso trombonist and Laval Symphony Orchestra conductor Alain Trudel and renowned accordionist Carmen Guérard. We get the crowd moving where ever we go! Come dance with us at our next show.