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Brassmob is a brass band and marching band from Montréal, Québec. We play high-energy, heavy brass music that is great for dancing, influenced by the brass bands of New Orleans, the Balkans and beyond.
Our sound combines a busy, syncopated rhythmic motif, based on the clave and made for motion in the form of marching and dancing, with rich brass arrangements incorporating elements of pop, jazz, funk and traditional music.
Our goal is to spread the power and soul of this music, to bring joy and rhythm into the streets and communities of Montréal, and wherever else we go. We play in clubs, community centers, parades, at festivals, weddings, parties, and on busy street corners.
Since our founding in 2011, we’ve played festivals such as Nuits d’Afrique in Montréal, and Festivoix in Trois-Rivières, in addition to residencies at both Quai des Brumes and Bar Escalier.
After several years of exploring the infectious rhythms and rich sonority of various brass band traditions, Brassmob is ready to turn a new page and explore some original creations. In the coming months we will explore new sounds that combine elements of older brass band traditions with that of contemporary pop, hip hop and electro-groove.
Our current line up includes saxophonists Génévieve Lapointe and Martin Gagné, tubist John Dodge, trombonists Dominique Poirier and Sébastian Isler, and drummers Brandon Goodwin and Keith Scott, who manages the band. Over the years we’ve collaborated with the likes of virtuoso trombonist and Laval Symphony Orchestra conductor Alain Trudel, and reknowned accordionist Carmen Guérard.